There is no exaggeration when I say Brian has changed my life and so many others. To Brian, helping people with their fitness goals is not a job at all but a true passion. I hired Brian to help me get ready for my first bodybuilding contest in which Brian competed in as well. He was there for me every step of the way with 24/7 access whenever I needed him. Not only did Brian get me the physique I have always wanted, he taught me how to be self efficient and how to listen and learn from my body. I will never forget how excited Brian was after I stepped off stage. Even after winning 3 trophies, Brian seemed more excited for my own accomplishment than his own. To me this shows how much Brian truly cares for his clients, who quickly become his friends. If you want a life changing experience there is no one else I would recommend.
– Connor Griffin

I chose to work with Brian because I kept seeing his Facebook posts. I saw him posting about clients, and clients raving about him! I noticed his clients were having SERIOUS transformations (especially his girlfriend) and I thought, if he can help them attain that – I think he’s the one for me. I think working with Brian has been one of the best decisions of my life. I don’t have a flat stomach or be perfect but I am in the best shape of my LIFE, which is saying something, as I danced for 22 years and played multiple sports. Oh… and had TWO kids. I am strong, healthy, confident, and HAPPY. I think the reason it is so easy to work with Brian is because he is there for you any time you need. He responds to questions, gives advice, asks about how I’m feeling in and out of the gym and makes time to take an interest in other aspects of my life and ask me how those things are going as well. He is a phenomenal coach but is also just an all-around wonderfully genuine person. Brian listened to my goals and helped shape a perfect plan individual to me for the gym and in the kitchen, and I saw insane changes in my body! If you put in the work, you will see fantastic results. I think anyone would benefit from working with Brian. It’s easy to see people on social media or the internet and want to purchase a diet/exercise plan from them because they are in great shape or “famous”. They may say that it will be “personalized” to you, but are they in constant contact with you? Do they motivate you, lift you up, check in, and push you to do better each week? Brian takes his business 110% seriously and gives you his full attention. I have never felt neglected or forgotten about, and I love that he takes the time to praise clients and gives them each the spotlight. I can’t recommend Brian enough and I am forever thankful to him for helping me to get where I am now, and to help me continue to where I want to be.
– Lauren Sanborn

In October we welcomed our second son. No sleep and a lot of deadlines meant that I was living on coffee and chocolate. Eating out for lunch every day, no exercise at all. In December I weighed more than ever. My three year old son was running laps around me and I couldn’t keep up with him. Within two or three years he would only get more active and the younger one would join him. I decided I needed to change. I want to be an active father. I had met Brian a couple of months before when he was setting up a performance with his band. Within minutes of meeting him, you can tell Brian gives it his all, no matter what he does. I needed that kind of drive. The week before Christmas I saw that he had an opening for some clients and having had only two or three hours of sleep that day, I decided to go for it and that it was either going to go extremely bad or extremely well.
Brian exceeded all my expectations with his well thought out diet, well thought out exercise plan and constant focus and attention. Having zero previous experience in weight lifting, he took the time to explain why we were doing the exercises in certain ways and the plan was perfect for me. The training hours flew by and every time I felt stronger. Within two or three weeks I could feel the difference in energy. I was able to walk up big hills with my son without problems in the snow. Felt amazing. I appreciate that Brian paid attention and listened well. He pushed me, but didn’t push too far too fast. This is a marathon, not a sprint. It’s a lifestyle change.
I lost 50 pounds over an 8 month period and Brian kept in touch several times a week. He was with me all the way. He cheered me on and congratulated me when I hit a new level. He is a knowledgeable driven trainer who will kickstart your transformation. Thanks Brian!
– Oscar Gala Grano

My entire life I have been overweight. I always believed that I couldn’t change my “body type.” During my freshman year of college, I put on the typical freshman fifteen; however, it was much more drastic than fifteen pounds. I had tried diets, starvation, and working out but nothing ever stuck. I would end up binge eating out of self-hatred. This all changed when I met Brian. I reached out to Brian after seeing him in the gym with a client. Days later, I started training with BP Fitness.
Brian was extremely thorough, he provides every client with an in-depth eating and workout guide. He also is in constant communication with his clients, ensuring that they all know that he supports them every step of the way. He has weekly check ins to see how you are progressing on your goals. This check in helps to keep you on track. Brian is the most positive, motivating person I have ever encountered. Whenever I would get down upon myself for not seeing the drastic changes immediately, he would remind me of how awesome I am doing and that the process takes a while.
He makes a personal connection with every client, which I believe is unique to BP Fitness. After a good set or a good week, he would often say “BOOM Zeus” to encourage me to keep going. To this day, after a good set I can hear Brian in my head saying “BOOM Zeus.” Now, almost a year later I have completely transformed my life, thanks to BP Fitness. I am over 30 pounds down, have a love for working out, and know how to eat healthy while still enjoying my life. Although I have fallen off track a few times, Brian’s continuous support, posts, and videos never fail to inspire me to continue to pursue this journey. I would recommend BP fitness to anyone who wants to put in the commitment to change their lives for the better. Brian will act as the support system during your journey, even keeping in contact after your program ends. As a former client, Brian still checks in on me on a regular basis. He is completely invested in every one of his client’s lives. If I had not met Brian, I am confident that I would have never started this fitness journey. Thank you Brian, for everything you have done for me. BOOM ZEUS.
– Mariah