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“The first step of any successful fitness-journey, is the implementation of the proper strategy & plan of attack for your lifestyle, goals and body type.”

How do you get started?

How do you decide what is going to be the proper method of attack to achieve your fitness goals?

For many, the physical strategy can be the biggest barrier to getting started.

The world of fitness is cluttered. Everyone has their own version of the “perfect program”  that making the right decision becomes overwhelming.

Even if you’ve begun to cultivate & nourish your mindset, the constant influx of information makes choosing the proper & optimal plan of attack daunting.

This feeling leads many to question themselves which in time, leads to quitting on their goals.

The primary objective of my Strategy Coaching is to provide you with your own customized strategy & plan of attack while also taking the thinking out of your hands; all you need to do is put in the work.

Regardless of what your personal lifestyle is or what your current physical abilities are, this program will take everything into consideration & format the optimal program to move you from where you are to where you want to be.

The Overall Diet

Controlling what we put into our body, is the first step in transforming our physical state.

Through my Strategy Coaching, you will receive your own customized diet plan which will be built around your own likes & dislikes, include helpful prep tips, as well as a breakdown meal by meal macros & calories to provide you with a template to lay the foundation of your new lifestyle.

This plan will be customized to your body and set around your training program to maximize your progress as well as reduce any and all guess work on your end.

Exercise & Training

Once we address what we put into our body, we will begin to construct the plan to get it moving!

For the training portion of your strategy, we will design a custom plan to help you reach your ideal physique!

Whether that is to gain muscle, reduce body fat, or just increase general wellness, each plan will cater to your personal physical fitness level.

With each fitness plan, you will receive a workout breakdown that includes all exercises on it which will help establish proper form to perform each movement effectively & safely.

Coaching & Support

Each client on my coaching program will have 24/7 email based support.

The objective is to provide you with the support you need to optimize the implementation of your program while adjusting it to your progress each week.

Adjustments to your diet, training and any other facet of your strategy will be made following your weekly check-in report where we will go over your biggest victories, personal records and  address any area we can improve on.

The report will help us make all the necessary tweaks to your strategy so not only does your progress continue, but we get you there in the fastest and healthiest way possible!

You will also be added to my Private Success Team Page on Facebook where you will be connected to all other Transformation clients. This group exists only for clients and includes:

  1. Private Content
  2. Workout Videos
  3. Diet Tips
  4. Motivation and Mindset Discussions
  5. Supporting Cast & Community of People on the Same Path

Ultimately making it so you have the resources to not only implement your strategy, but to keep you moving forward until you reach your mark!

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