Risk Everything With Hector Jimenezii | BMP Radio Episode #025

By Brian Pickowicz | BMP Radio

Aug 24
Ep. #25 : Hector Jimenezii : Risk Everything

Hector Jimenezii is an Online Fitness coach who helps his clients build their physique & create a positive outlet to find themselves through training.

A former athlete, Hector helps his clients build their dream body while also teaching them the foundation of leading the Fitness-Lifestyle.

In this episode, we focus more on the mindset behind personal growth as we dive into:

1) Changing Your Personal Identity
2) Overcoming Other’s Expectations
3) Defeating the Small-Town Mindset
4) Finding your own way

And so much more!

You can find Hector at:

Instagram: @hectorjimenezii

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About the Author

As a coach and leader, my mission is to serve as the light to inspire others to believe in themselves & their vision while leading them to inspire others over the course of their journey. I believe that through creating a foundation that is physical fitness we can learn to develop the lifestyle we long for & achieve the success we are longing for.