How to Move Beyond Fear & Take Action | BMP Radio Episode #022

By Brian Pickowicz | BMP Radio

Jul 27
Ep. #22 | Showing Up | How to Move Beyond Fear & Take Action

I am not the most talented or gifted person when it comes to any of the endeavors I have encountered in my life.

Growing up, I wasn’t athletic, struggled in school & was never around entrepreneurs.

The thing that has always separated me though was that I always showed up & was ready to work.
When it comes to getting what we want, showing up is 75% of the battle.
Whether it is in fitness, business, school, or our careers, if you show up you can learn, grow & succeed.

In this podcast, I share three stories that shaped my life & were defined by showing up!

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About the Author

As a coach and leader, my mission is to serve as the light to inspire others to believe in themselves & their vision while leading them to inspire others over the course of their journey. I believe that through creating a foundation that is physical fitness we can learn to develop the lifestyle we long for & achieve the success we are longing for.