Building a Healthy Relationship With Lindsey Rago | BMP Radio Episode #019

By Brian Pickowicz | BMP Radio

Jul 10
Ep. #19 | Lindsey Rago | Building a Healthy Relationship

Lindsey Rago & I moved across the country from NH to Los Angeles, California a little over a year ago. Although we were working from an extremely solid foundation beforehand, this last year has come with its own challenges. During our time in Los Angeles, we’ve built our relationship, personal brands, as well as a business together.

In this episode, we discuss how to cultivate a healthy relationship & what we personally have learned about ourselves as well as how to be a good partner in the social media era.

We also many different aspects of fitness and mental philosophy such as:
1) Lessons from Living Together
2) Working on yourself first.
3) Overcoming Personal Faults
4) Misconceptions of being a fit couple
5) How to Work Well Together in Business
And so much more!

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