Overcoming Illness And Positive Belief With Kate Abate | BMP Radio Episode #016

By Brian Pickowicz | BMP Radio

Jun 25
Ep. #16 | Kate Abate | Overcoming Illness | Positive Belief

Kate Abate is an IFBB Bikini Olympia, a Transformation coach as well as Health & Relationship Consultant in Santa Monica, California.

In this episode, we discuss how to overcome physical illness to maintain your health & the role of fitness in that outcome. Kate has battled the autoimmune disorders Lupus & Celiac Disease as well as Colitis, which have created several health issues for her in the present and past. Here we dive into how you can overcome your ailments & the adjustments you must make to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
We also many different aspects of fitness and mental philosophy such as:

1) The Necessity to Become Fit
2) Mastering Your Body
3) Overcoming Celiac Disease
4) Contests Vs. Lifestyle
5) The Value of Discipline
6) The Power of Patience
And so much more!

You can find Kate at:

Instagram: @MissKateAbate

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About the Author

As a coach and leader, my mission is to serve as the light to inspire others to believe in themselves & their vision while leading them to inspire others over the course of their journey. I believe that through creating a foundation that is physical fitness we can learn to develop the lifestyle we long for & achieve the success we are longing for.