Losing 200 Pounds, The Real Story With Jordan Grahm | BMP Radio Episode #007

By Brian Pickowicz | BMP Radio

May 02
Ep. #7: Jordan Grahm | Losing 200 Pounds, The Real Story

On today’s episode of the podcast, Jordan Grahm shares his story about how he was able to transform his body & life through fitness.

Jordan’s story has been featured on bodybuilding.com, The Biggest Loser, & on several other social media outlets.

You can find Jordan on Instagram at @thefitboss.

Here is the breakdown of the show:

1) Living at 420 Pounds
2) Dealing with Depression & Hopelessness
3) The Car Crash Saved His Life
4) Taking His First Step
5) Moving Beyond The Scale & Weight Loss
6) Finding Your Confidence
7) His Favorite Company
8) The Bodybuilding.com Gift
9) Building Off of His Foundation : A Passion for Training
10) Deciding to do a Contest
11) Just Getting Started
12) DC vs. Marvel
13) Idea of Inner Peace and Vacation
14) What Gets You in the Zone
15) Best Experience at the Mecca
16) Your One Rule For Life
17) What is it that is on your epitaph?

To see Jordan’s bodybuilding.com video: https://youtu.be/D3nER_Ym-BU

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