An Intro to My Story | BMP Radio Episode #001

By Brian Pickowicz | BMP Radio

Apr 12
Episode #1 | An Intro to My Story

This is the very first episode of BMP Radio!

On this episode, I want to introduce you to my story of how I became a fitness & lifestyle coach, competitive bodybuilder, & how I moved to Los Angeles, California.
This a brief introduction to who I am, but I wanted to dive into the parts of me that have gotten me to where I am.

Thank you for joining me & please let me know who I am should have on the podcast next week!

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Continue to be a light & believe in more!

About the Author

As a coach and leader, my mission is to serve as the light to inspire others to believe in themselves & their vision while leading them to inspire others over the course of their journey. I believe that through creating a foundation that is physical fitness we can learn to develop the lifestyle we long for & achieve the success we are longing for.