Brian Pickowicz

“Choose Progress over Perfect”


My mission is to be a light that inspires others to master themselves through transforming their physical body. I want to be the catalyst of change for each and every life I can & in turn inspire others to believe in more for themselves & those in their life.


Brian Pickowicz is a Fitness & Lifestyle Consultant who has worked with over 350 clients in 3 years.

Originally from Franklin NH, Brian now resides in Los Angeles, California & works to transform others through physical fitness. The fundamental pillar of Brian’s coaching is that if you can learn to master your physical body, then you can manifest change in the other aspects of your life.  

Fitness & Lifestyle Coaching

As your fitness-lifestyle coach, my main objective is help you foster the habits that will not only lead you to achieving your goals, but create to long-term lasting change. My program consists of three main components that all shape around the client’s goals, lifestyle and habits. These three pillars are Diet, Training, and Coaching.

Peak Physique Coaching

Whether your ambitions are to compete in a physique or bodybuilding contest or have a photo shoot, this program is curtailed to the individual who has cultivated fitness as a lifestyle, but needs to adjust their current strategy to meet their long-term goals.

Discipline & Mindset Coaching

This program is ideal for anyone who is longing for a strategy to start or who has the discipline to work on their own, but is uncertain of the most practical means to move forward for their current fitness level.

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